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What are the safe operating procedures for the powder spraying line for special vehicles?


1. Preparation before startup: 1. Set all the switches […]

1. Preparation before startup:

1. Set all the switches on the electrical control cabinet to the "off" or "stop" position, and set all the knobs to the "zero" position. Then turn on the main air switch to spray paint.

2. Check whether all the valves of the compressed air drying equipment are in the working position, open the drain valve of the spraying line, release the condensed water in the pipeline and close it. Check whether the fan and the fan of the water curtain of the cabinet are collided with foreign objects and the screws are loose. Check the amount of oil in the oil tank and the cooling water level of the circulating heater fan Flocking Equipment Manufacturers.

3. Remove the objects that hinder the normal operation of the painted workpiece conveying line. Clear the debris in the circulating water tank of the water curtain cabinet to ensure the normal operation of the circulating pump.

4. Open the chain oiling device on the suspension line to ensure that the chain is normally lubricated. After all the above is normal, you can start operation

2. Steps of starting and shutting down the spraying assembly line:

1. Turn on the combustion button of the electric control cabinet and adjust the parameter settings according to the required temperature of the product to make the burner in working condition.

2. Turn on the compressed air drying equipment and wait for the air drying equipment to perform a cycle of air treatment, release the residual air in the terminal air duct, and spray water on the ground in the spray booth.

3. Turn on the blower and exhaust fan of the electric control cabinet to ensure that the air in the spray booth meets the requirements for use.

4. If any abnormality is found during the above-mentioned work, the spraying line should be stopped immediately, and the machine should be restarted after proper handling.

5. After the work is completed and the relevant cleaning work is completed, turn off the internal combustion engine, circulating water pump and air drying equipment, send it to the fan, hang the conveying line, and pump from the fan.

6. Turn off the burner for 5 minutes, then turn off the fan cycle. Pull down the main power switch of the spray line.

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