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What is the technological process of the powder spraying equipment?


Electrostatic spraying production line is a kind of sur […]

Electrostatic spraying production line is a kind of surface coating equipment, the purpose is to decorate the surface of the object, and the surface after coating also has anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, resistance to severe cold, scorching heat and other severe weather. It is characterized by beautiful appearance and people’s daily life. Many of the products need to be electrostatic sprayed, such as hardware, aluminum profiles, and iron parts. The specific points are, for example, home hardware door frames, balcony guardrails, tables and chairs, and so on.

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The electrostatic spraying production line does not refer to the individual equipment for spraying alone, it refers to the entire production line equipment, including pre-treatment, spraying, and curing level, just like the factory assembly line, from the beginning of the product to the product coating and forming a complete set Electrostatic spraying production line.

Why do more and more friends consider the whole set of electrostatic spraying production line equipment? In fact, there are many verifiable conveniences:

1. Powder electrostatic spraying equipment is different from other coating equipment. Its raw material is powder coating, which is more green and environmentally friendly than traditional paint raw materials.

2. There is a large cyclone spraying room device in the supporting equipment of the electrostatic spraying equipment. This is a device that can suck the fallen powder paint back and then automatically screen and reuse it. Simply put, it will not waste the powder paint and recycle it. It is more cost-effective than using paint in the traditional painting process, because the paint cannot be recycled if it is dropped, and it pollutes the environment.

3. As mentioned above, the powder electrostatic spraying production line is an environmentally friendly equipment, which is more in line with the modern government's policy of advocating environmental protection, and it is easier to pass the EIA!

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