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What are the common problems and solutions of the powder spraying production line?


Coating equipment, working environment, coating managem […]

Coating equipment, working environment, coating management, coating process and materials are directly related to the production efficiency of the coating line. In this process, the process layout of the coating equipment has an important influence on the use of the coating line. Here we will explain typical errors in the process layout of coating equipment.

First of all, the output design program cannot reach:

Some designs do not consider the suspension method of painting equipment (different painting pendants should consider different suspension methods), suspension distance, interference of up and down slope and horizontal turning distance, scrap rate, utilization rate of painting equipment, and peak production capacity of products Wait. Nor does it consider production time. This will result in production that does not meet the design guidelines.

Second, there are some deviations in the process time of coating equipment

In order to reduce costs, some designers often achieve their goals by reducing processing time. The common ones are: 1. The transition period before the coating production line is not long enough, which will cause the liquid to cross the line; 2. The specific heating time is not considered during the curing process, resulting in poor curing. 3. Insufficient paint leveling time, resulting in insufficient paint film leveling; 4. Insufficient cooling time after curing, resulting in overheating or insufficient fixation of the workpiece (or lower part) during the coating process.

Third, Improper design of conveying equipment:

From a design point of view, there are many ways to transport this workpiece. If the design is not correct, it is easy to adversely affect the production capacity, process operations and upper and lower parts. The most common is suspended chain transportation, and its carrying capacity and traction capacity require calculation and interference diagrams. The speed of the chain also needs to be matched by the equipment. Painting equipment also requires chain stability and synchronization, which should be properly considered in the design.

Flocked Swab production line

Fourth, improper selection of coating equipment:

Due to the different requirements of different products, the choice of equipment is also different, and various coating equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages. If the design cannot be explained to the user, the customer will find that the coating production line is not satisfied after the manufacturing is completed. For example, the powder spray drying tunnel adopts air curtain for heat insulation, and purification equipment is not installed on the workpieces with cleaning requirements. This error is a common error in the process layout of coating equipment.

Fifth, improper selection of coating equipment process parameters:

Generally speaking, it is very common for this kind of coating production line to choose the wrong process parameters. First of all, this is due to improper selection of the design parameters of a single coating equipment. Secondly, insufficient attention is paid to the matching of equipment systems. Third, it has no design at all.

Six. Defects of supporting coating equipment:

There are many related equipment on the coating production line, and sometimes some equipment is saved in order to lower the quotation. It also fails to explain to users, and it is very common to cause unnecessary misunderstandings. Common ones are pretreatment heating equipment, spraying equipment, air supply equipment, exhaust pipe equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc.

Seven, did not consider the energy-saving problem of coating equipment:

Currently, the price of this energy is changing relatively quickly. However, if these issues are not considered in the design, the user's production cost will be higher, and some users will have to rebuild and purchase the equipment in a short time. This is not what the customer wants. The quality of the coating equipment process layout design is very important to the use of the coating production line. If the process layout of the coating equipment is improper, even if each piece of equipment is well manufactured, the entire coating production line will not be easy to use. Therefore, when designing, we must avoid the above-mentioned common mistakes, which will cause unnecessary losses!

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