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What are the classifications of electrostatic flocking?


According to the different flocking products, choose th […]

According to the different flocking products, choose the appropriate flocking method, generally divided into three types:
1. Flocking machine assembly line type flocking: This flocking assembly line can realize the automatic completion of the glue, flocking, drying, and fleece removal of items in one time, such as: flocking cloth, leather, paper, non-woven fabric , PVC, blister sheet, sponge, various handicrafts, toys, automobile plastic parts, storage boxes, automobile sealing strips, decorative strips, blister boxes, cardboard, wall calendars, couplets, new year pictures, flocking of packaging gift boxes printing.
2. Box-type flocking: Make a flocking box according to the size and shape of the flocked product, place the flock in the box, and turn on the power supply. In this way, a high-voltage electric field is formed in the flocking box, and the flocked product is flocked from the flocking box. One end of the box is fed into the box, after three to five seconds, after flocking is completed, it is removed from the other end of the box, and the finished product is dried or dried.
3. Nozzle type flocking: connect to the power supply, and output the high-voltage static electricity of tens of thousands of volts generated by the flocking machine to the industrial nozzle. The fluff in the nozzle is negatively charged, and then the adhesive is sprayed on the surface of the plant body and moved The nozzle is close to the object to be flocked, and the fluff flies from the nozzle to the surface of the object to be flocked under the action of the high-voltage electric field, and is vertically planted on the surface of the object coated with adhesive.

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