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What are the electrostatic flocking processing methods?


According to different fluff flying directions, flockin […]

According to different fluff flying directions, flocking processing can be divided into descending method, ascending method, lateral leap method and upward-downward leap method. More than 80% of domestic flocking processing equipment adopts the descending method, so the descending method is taken as an example to illustrate its working principle. Its upper electrode plate is a plate-shaped metal mesh frame, and the lower electrode plate is a metal flat plate bracket. The base cloth to be flocked with screen-printed adhesive is spread on the upper electrode plate. The upper and lower electrode plates are connected to the high voltage with wires. Positive and negative output terminals on the electrostatic generator. The fluff in the hopper falls on the negative electrode of the metal mesh due to the rotation of the hair supply shaft. The fluff is charged by contact with the negative electrode during the landing process, resulting in partial arrangement in the direction of the electric field. At the same time, the fluff is polarized in the electric field, and the charge with the same polarity as the negative electrode is concentrated on the end away from the negative electrode, while the positive charge is concentrated on the end close to the negative electrode. When the fluff is in contact with the negative electrode, since the conductivity of the electrode is higher than that of the fluff, a conductive current will be generated in the fiber, and the fluff will generate a negative static charge, so that the fluff has a great straightness and flying ability in the electric field. It drops vertically to the base cloth printed with the adhesive pattern on the screen, forming a beautiful suede graphic. In the electrostatic flocking process, in addition to being electrified by contact, the fluff is also charged by polarization when entering the electric field, which ensures that the fluff moves toward the positive plate, and promotes the fluff to rotate continuously in a uniform electric field, making the fluff stand upright on the positive plate. The surface of the base cloth does not lie flat on it.

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