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What are the storage methods for powder spraying?


1. Keep away from fire and direct sunlight. It should b […]

1. Keep away from fire and direct sunlight. It should be placed in a well-ventilated place with a temperature below 35°C.
2. Avoid storing in places easily polluted by water, organic solvents, oils and other materials.
3. Do not expose the powder coating to the air at will after use, and should cover or close the bag tightly at any time to avoid mixing of sundries.
4. Avoid long-term skin contact. The powder attached to the skin should be washed with soap and water. Do not use solvents. Safety of painting construction site
5. The equipment used for painting operations must be well grounded to eliminate static electricity.
6, to avoid the phenomenon of unexplained discharge of the coating machine
7. In the powder spraying room, the concentration of floating dust should be controlled below the safe concentration as far as possible to avoid the danger of dust catching fire and explosion.

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