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Xt-b6000-a mono-cyclone powder coating booth

Xt-b6000-a mono-cyclone powder coating booth

Powder coating booth with Mono-cyclone and filter recovery system

Mono-cyclone separator

1.Mono-Cyclone single-tube structure makes clean up shorter color change.

2.Mono-cyclone separation rate of up to 98%.

3.Disc Cone bucket and cylinder junction of the filter shaking motor efficiency vibration screening.

4.Removable disk cleanup filter with change

5.Bevel the bottom of the bucket can be configured to work in alternate double balloon valve.

6.Bevel the bottom of the bucket can be configured to pump fluidized powder + powder pump delivery forms.

7.Exhaust pipe at the bottom end face of the circular cover plate can be quickly disassembled for cleaning



Plastic powder coating booth for fast color changes !

Comparing with the metal spray booth, the Plastic booth has obvious technical advantages.

1.Air compressed gun can easily blow off the powder that has attached to the booth wall, helpful to rapid cleaning.

2.According to the production requirement, you can choose appropriate type of automatic powder coating control center to improve the main task of spraying, to save time and energy.

3.Optional powder self-recycling feed center ensures maximum utilization of powder and least waste,so you don't need to worry about the automatic powder recovery, filtering and powder return to the powder hopper.

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Product Details

Powder Booth with Mono-cyclone and filter recovery system

Cyclone bottom cone bucket can be quickly separated from the barrel for easy cleaning.

Mono-cyclone fast color change powder coating booth

The bottom of spray booth equipped with an automatic device and automatically air knife keep the bottom always no powder stay


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