Portable Flocking Machine

We are a professional China Home use Flocking applicator XT-F07 suppliers

Home use Flocking applicator XT-F07

Home use Flocking applicator XT-F07


The product adopts single-chip microcomputer control, portable type,easy to carry.

Simple operation, It can be used directly after switching the power (AC110-220V), no need control unit. it’s very convenient to use.

Detachable flocking box, fast color change, easy to clean and maintain.

Application Fields:

Used for color proofing in flocking factory, for home use, or for use in factories with low production requirements.

Available Materials:

Widely used in a variety of materials,such as cardboard, plank, metal, glass, foam, plastic products, plastic boards, textiles and so on.

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Product Details

Output Voltage:60kV(No adjustable)

Output Current:70uA

Flocking Area:No limited

The length of Flocking Fiber:≤2mm

Capacity of flocking box: 800ml

Outline Size: 45cm *12cm *10cm

Packing Sizes: L51cm*H16cm*13cm



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