Powder Coating Reciprocator

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xt-sfj-1500 powder coating reciprocator

xt-sfj-1500 powder coating reciprocator

  • The stroke can be freely made variable according to the size of coating object.
  • Accurate reciprocating and easy controlling of speed provideexcellent coating results.
  • Vibrations are minimized during up and down movements.
  • the speed of reciprocatingcan be adjusted by the control panel
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Product Details

Product Description

Frequency-adjustable reciprocator is specially designed for high quality powder coating,it can carry up to 6 powder guns and optional for wet painting guns as well.

Stroke length :1.5m/2m/2.5m


Power supply

AC 220V/110V

Stroke Length

1.5m//2m/2.5m customized



Max load capacity

25 kgs

Power of motor

750 KW

Net Weight



0~50m/min adjustable

Packing Sizes

800 x 800 x 3000mm

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