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What is the coating equipment used for?


Coating refers to products processed from metal, plasti […]

Coating refers to products processed from metal, plastic, wood and other materials, and the surface is covered with a protective layer or a decorative layer. With the development of industrial technology, the development of China's coating technology and equipment has gone from manual to mechanical equipment to automatic production line The development process and coating process are generally: pretreatment, polishing → coating → leveling → drying or curing → three waste treatment. Coating equipment is the mechanical equipment used to complete these coating processes.

Powder Coating System

The coating equipment industry really originated in the 1950s when Soviet technology was introduced. Since the 1960s, due to the development of light industry, automated production lines first appeared in the bicycle manufacturing industry. During this period, the main task of China's coating industry was still anti-corrosion.

However, with the development of China’s economy and the development of foreign coating technology, through the introduction of technology and exchanges with foreign technologies, China’s coating technology has begun to develop rapidly. In terms of automatic coating production, electrostatic spraying and electrophoretic coating technology The promotion and application, the development and promotion of powder coating technology, especially the vigorous development of the household appliance industry, daily hardware, steel furniture, aluminum components, electrical products, automobile industry, etc., have made significant progress and considerable progress in coating equipment development of.

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