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What are the important factors that determine the quality of painting?


Painting equipment is the quality of painting hardware, […]

Painting equipment is the quality of painting hardware, but even advanced painting equipment is still difficult if not managed properly. Maintaining a good technical condition of the coating equipment is one of the necessary conditions to ensure the coating sequence and coating quality. If the technical status of the equipment is not good and the disease is running, it will not only seriously affect the performance of the equipment, but also affect the quality of the coating. It can also cause damage to the equipment and cause unpredictable losses.

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Especially for the operation of painting equipment, management is more important, such as conveyor chain pump fans. Usually, the operation of the machine needs lubrication, the high-temperature equipment needs cooling, etc., which need to be inspected and maintained in production. Once the measures are insufficient, the equipment is extremely prone to problems. In paint production lines with clean air supply systems, dust problems are prone to occur. Starting new equipment is still pretty good. After a period of production, the coating on the workpiece will have more or less dust particles. The reason is that the purification filter is already full of dust and has not been cleaned in time.

Especially when the production equipment is in a dusty environment, the filter system needs to be cleaned frequently, otherwise it will cause blockage of the purifier. Obviously, poorly maintained equipment not only does not guarantee the quality of the coating, but also increases the repair cost and the scrap rate of the finished product, which affects the production plan and increases the production cost. The worse the equipment management, the more problems. When you find more problems with production equipment, you should stay vigilant to see if there are loopholes in equipment management. To manage painting equipment, you must have reasonable rules and regulations:

Key equipment should be equipped with operating procedures;

The person in charge of each equipment, the chief of staff regulator or the operator mobile maintenance personnel should regularly check the equipment operating status and record;

Maintenance and maintenance plans for major key equipment should be prepared, and regular maintenance should be carried out.

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