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What are the experiences of powder electrostatic spray equipment?


China powder coating equipment In the coating industry, […]

China powder coating equipment

In the coating industry, "Strictly control the quality of each process, do a good job of every set of electrostatic spray equipment, so that customers can use it at ease!" This is the voice of a doer who has been in the coating industry for 13 years!

Electrostatic spraying equipment is a kind of coating equipment for spraying paint and powder (spraying) on ​​the surface of products. It is widely used in all aspects of life; in other words, spraying equipment is the "clothing" of the product, but this "clothing" is not "Clothes". The clothes here refer to powder coatings. I also agree with the statement that it (the product) is wind and rain, sun-proof, acid-proof, and anti-acid.

Electrostatic spraying assembly line equipment
Explaining the relationship between powder and electrostatic spray equipment is like fuel is the power of a car, so powder coating is the "power" of electrostatic spray equipment, so how does the powder cover the surface of the product to protect the product? This involves a high-tech principle-"the electrostatic field attracts each other", which is the same as the repulsion of the same sex and the attraction of the opposite sex.

wanxin, a doer of electrostatic spray equipment manufacturers, always tells us that three years of experience, five years of knowledge, ten years to be the king! It’s not an exaggeration. It’s not easy to do it in any industry. It’s better to do one thing in five years than five things in a year. If you do it, then give up. In fact, it’s better not to do it, because the doorway may not be understood, and it’s wasted. When time is over, the road to success is not crowded, you can survive, and you are outstanding; if you can't survive, you may be out at any time! Choose a person who is deeply involved in the industry and don't give up the original dream! , We have been working hard: "Let our electrostatic spraying equipment become the industry benchmark!"

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