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  • Types of Fleecing Equipment

    Types of Fleecing Equipment

    In flocking, there are several types of equipment. Some are handheld devices, some are machines. These devices are used to apply flocked materials to products. These fluff can be coated with adhesive. These fluff are then electrostatically attracted and grounded by the product run. Flocking Machine ... read more

    Oct 17,2022 Industry News
  • Do you know how to buy a powder sprayer?

    Do you know how to buy a powder sprayer?

    When shopping for a powder sprayer, you'll want to find one with many different features. You should also consider the type of powder coating you plan to apply to your product. Some features to consider include preheating, chemical crosslinking, and codes and regulations. warm-up problem If you don'... read more

    Oct 10,2022 Industry News
  • How much do you know about flocking presses?

    How much do you know about flocking presses?

    Flocking presses are an integral part of the screen printing process. They can be used in any flat screen printing line. These machines consist of one or more flocking units that load flocks of different colours and pass them through a series of screens. The flock then covers the desired part of the... read more

    Oct 03,2022 Industry News
  • What is flocking?

    What is flocking?

    Flocking refers to the vertical fixing of fiber powder (short fibers obtained by grinding or cutting waste fibers, generally 0.3 to 0.8 mm in length) on an object or substrate coated with adhesive (such as plastic, wood, rubber, leather) , paper, cloth, etc.), this method of fixing short fibers is c... read more

    Sep 23,2022 Industry News
  • Do you know about powder coating systems?

    Do you know about powder coating systems?

    In our aesthetically oriented world, it's important to make every aspect of our lives look their best as possible. A small way to achieve this is through powder coating. Powder coating technology is the latest method to create coatings on objects without the use of solvents. Instead of solvent-based... read more

    Sep 16,2022 Industry News