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What can powder coatings do for you?


Have you ever heard the old saying never knew you were […]

Have you ever heard the old saying never knew you were missing? Then a powder coated product might be something you might be missing or even know about. This product can be a great asset to your company or a recent project. Now you may be wondering what exactly this process is. Powder coating creates a perfect, durable finish for any metal or plastic surface. It consists of many compounds and pigments that are mixed, heated and ground together to form a powder similar to baking flour. This powder is then sprayed onto the surface using a spray gun and a special process called electrostatic spray deposition. This means that electrostatic charges are added to the powder. This charge helps the powder adhere to the surface and form a stronger bond that is more resistant to damage.


Powder coatings offer many advantages over traditional liquid coatings. As mentioned, it provides enhanced protection to the surface and is less prone to chipping, breakage or damage from chemicals or debris. In addition, it creates a uniform coating without the sag or sag that can occur after a liquid coating. The application is also more likely to cover every nook and cranny of complex-shaped objects, further protecting the durability of surfaces and objects. This type of finish is also a green process, which means it does not add waste and pollution to nature. This process saves any overspray that can be reused on the same project, and therefore saves money as there is no wasted spraying.

What can be powder coated?

Any plastic or metal surface can be powder coated. This includes machine parts, metal fences and patio furniture, plastic signage, and more. Objects can be painted in any color or texture, such as clear, plain or metallic. The many options for powder coating mean you can create a signature logo or color scheme for your business that can be implemented across your business locations.

How does all of this help your business?

Let's say you own a Mexican restaurant in an area that allows you to have a patio that you use regularly and are exposed to the elements. Your patio is enclosed with bricks and topped with a metal iron fence. You have many indications of where your business is located, its name and any other important information. The best way to ensure your business is visited often is to make it known! Powder the iron fence in bright blue or yellow to make it stand out on the street, the coating will protect it from the elements and keep it fresh. Then paint your sign in the colors you use inside and outside the restaurant to create a cohesive company.
Come on, you need a powder coating equipment

WX-2000-V Box Feed Vibratory Powder Coating Equipment

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