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Do you know what the main features of the flocking machine are?


The coating flocking machine adopts a high-tech design […]

The coating flocking machine adopts a high-tech design and relies on the company's traditional craftsmanship:
Novel structure, energy saving (heating up to 200°C, only 25 minutes)
The drying room adopts a new type of fan, frequency conversion control, reasonable air nozzle, uniform and fast
During emergency shutdown, the hot air is automatically turned off to prevent fabric damage.
According to customer requirements, the heat source can be steam, heat transfer oil, fuel oil, gas (natural gas,
Various models can be adapted to various fabrics, such as velvet, knitted fabric, and woven fabric. Special settings such as air support and needle plate splint can also be added according to customer requirements. The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system, which can be used for timing. , quantitative setting
The whole machine adopts PLC control and implements man-machine interface operation.

GA02 Automatic Gun Body-393681


GA02 Automatic Gun Body-393681

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