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The new product 'swab automatic flocking production line' to help fight the COVID-19 .


 The COVID-19 that appeared in early 2020 has swept the […]

 The COVID-19 that appeared in early 2020 has swept the world, With the spread of the epidemic, the economies of all countries in the world have been hit hard to varying degrees, the industrial output value has declined, and the medical equipment and materials are seriously lacking. The amount of medical flocking swabs used to detect virus nucleic acid also rose sharply.

As the leading manufacturer of electrostatic flocking equipment in China, Guozhen Wanxin has 15 years of production and research experience in this field, and the old manual swab flocking machine can no longer meet the market demand. In early March, under the leadership of general manager Xing Guozhen, Wanxin R & D technology department accelerated the development of an efficient automatic swab flocking production line, which includes gluing, flocking, drying and cleaning, which not only saves labor costs, but also the flocked swabs fully meets the requirements of medical equipment standards.

     At present, the product has been exported to the United States, South Korea, France, Brazil, India, South Africa, Turkey, Argentina and other countries. In May, the sales volume reached 15 sets a month, thus alleviating the urgent need for swabs in medical institutions at home and abroad to meet the needs of the medical market.

Guozhen Wanxin will continue to provide stable supply to meet market demand , and provide users with a full range of technical service guidance.

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